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Who should I use rOOmZZ?

rOOmZZ is a framework and perfect as a foundational enterprise platform. Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Go-To-Meeting are perfect for user based conferencing, but you are limited to pre-built integrations and plug-ins. With Roomzz, you have a complete functional content management system that can be evolved into any type of workflow.

What is the difference between rOOmZZ and rOOmZZ Core

rOOmZZ is primarily for those that need a unified communication platform and limited workflow. rOOmZZ core is the core of a multifaceted platform with unlimited user accounts.

Why do I have to choose an identity provider

Each organization has their own login, security preferences, profiles, permissions, and roles.
Our identity platform seamlessly plugs into any identity package supporting
✓  Single Sign-On (SAML, ADFS, OIDC)
✓  SCIM provisioning (Okta, AzureAD, and more)
✓  HRIS integration (BambooHR, Rippling, etc.)
✓  Legacy enterprise systems
✓  Magic Link sign-in
✓  Audit Trail (SIEM)

How do you charge for your service

Unlike most services, we do not charge you per user, where the business model is based on breakage. Rather, we sell you a bucket of minutes, that can be shared throughout the organization.

What is the difference between White Label, Co-Branded SaaS and Branded SaaS

Our white label platform is an exact copy of rOOmZZ with your branding running on your Infrastructure. Our Software as a Service is a co-branded copy of rOOmZZ, running on our infrastructure. Our Branded SaaS allows you to resell our service under your brand allowing you to create your own on-demand business.