Customized Video Conferencing Platform

Enterprise Customized Video Conferencing Solutions

rOOmZZ™ develops customized business solutions for any workflow.
We build both custom apps and custom mobile apps using React Native, Kotlin, iOS swift and implemented by skilled programmers, graphic artists, UX/UI designers and industry subject matter experts,
providing a comprehensive, high performance business solution

Customizable Community Collaboration Platform

The most successful organizations communicate effectively between their teams, customers and stakeholders.
Let rOOmZZ be the centerpiece of communication platform.

Industry Specific Solutions

We wrap our technology around your industry and then further customize this to meet your specific needs. Our video conferencing software solutions are used for:

   - Direct to Consumer Retail
   - On-Demand Legal
   - On-Demand Medical
   - Religious Engagement

APIs for further extensibility

A rOOmZZ™ customized solution has no limitations, as rOOmZZ™ is able to streamline, optimize, and hand-tailor the existing code and system configurations via our API's to meet your requirements starting with our video conferencing features. 

As a result, the unique solutions created by rOOmZZ™ feel like an extension of your organization natural workflow.

Deployment Process

Custom business solutions are created to meet a specific need. It's not a "one size fits all" approach.

An off-the-shelf software solution is inflexible because it is created to appeal to as many business and organization configurations as possible forcing users to wrap themselves around the technology and clumsy implementation.

Requirements Definition

We begin with an exploratory meeting, where we meet your team and introduce you to ours. Our goal is to get a thorough understanding of your organization, its needs, and to get ready for our workshop which will help identify the goal of the project. We want to learn as much about your organization, company, and customers so we can tailor-make a solution with advanced features.

Wireframe & Design

We work with your team, to understand Your goals and objectives. From there we create the wire frames that are needed in order to build the workflow required to develop your platform.

Prototype Phase

Now that we understand your process flow, we work collaboratively to build a storyboard, and begin building the prototype. We then start the illustration and complete the creative writing process.

Purpose Built
Vertical Market Platforms

The rOOmZZ software platform was built to work with other technologies and be customized for different types of businesses. It can be integrated into new or existing business processes to provide a good user experience that is easy to use from any device or location.

Still Not Sure?

Here are some other features you and your users will love.
Community Platform Integration

The future of community is now available to you. No need for multiple sites, just one place with all the features that matter most- engaging discussions, members & streams! Stream your events or chat live in real time using our platform built specifically designed by creators like yourself who understand what it takes make communities thrive

On the Fly Language Translator

With live transcriptions, we can include subtitles in meetings and create transcripts and automatically identify and redact personally identifiable information (PII) and personal health information (PHI) from transcripts.

Connect people around the world.

Interact with an engaged community on your own platform. Ideas are tossed around, members discuss topics that interest you the most - it's like having a living room inside of social media! Connections can be made through live chats or events hosted by other brands in town who want their voice heard too.

Move conferences, trade shows,
and other events online.

Why go through the hassle of booking travel when you can host participants from all over?

With our live video streaming solution, attendees can watch keynote speeches and attend networking parties—just like they would in the physical world without jetlag or lag time.