rOOmZZ Chat

for those who need to collaborate on the go

A real-time communication platform with embedded business logic and integration capabilities.

Need more than just chat?

You can also use our secure collaboration system if you need more space than just text messages provide--literally have all your conversations on screen so no matter where they happen it'll always stay fresh

Each individual client can subscribe to a maximum of 10 channel groups for a total of up to 20,000 channels

Unlimited System Channels
10 Channel Groups per client
Unlimited Participants

Collaboration made Easy

Whether you're working together as part of an organization or planning out a weekend activity, there are chats that can connect everyone involved so they get things done!

Assign slides to delegate work
Set a status to track progress across slides
Invite viewers and manage access

Build communities that chat

Our platform supports direct, group, and large scale chat on our powerful secure infrastructure.

Live Support Chat

This is a workflow between one user who creates a  conversation and the other who serves them.  Agents can view at a glance all the customer 1-1 chats in a list and switch between conversations easily.

Live Events Chat

Live Events chat gives users the ability to participate and express their feelings and opinions live while watching sports, concerts, personal live vlogging and a myriad of other live streaming sessions.

Platform Chat

Join a room, see who’s there, and type messages back and forth with everyone.

New people who join show up automatically, and on load it retrieves the recent message history.

Enterprise-grade security and compliance

Operate securely through TLS and AES256 encryption, and access flexible authorization schema through OAuth and LDAP models. We require no inbound open ports, which helps prevent attacks on your infrastructure. Plus, we support compliance for regulatory environments that include HIPAA, GDPR, SOC2 Type 2, and CCPA

Media Features

File and image sharing
Message reactions
User presence indicators


Push notifications
Typing indicators
User metadata
Channel metadata
Update message


Spam prevention
Profanity filters
Mute/Ban users
Access controls
Delete messages


We support compliance for regulatory environments that include HIPAA, GDPR, SOC2 Type 2,
and CCPA