rOOmZZ App

Powerful yet simple Conferencing App

Start or join a meeting from any iOS, Android, Windows or Mac in just one click

Designed to make it easier to sell, service, and support your clients.

Instant Bookings

Clients Can Quickly View Your Real-Time Availability, Self-Book and Even Pay.

Synchronize to any calendar from Apple, Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange,, Yahoo!, AOL, and IMAP

Video On-Demand

With our image and video transformation services, we improve the loading time for your video without having any visual degradation so users have an awesome experience accessing what they see on their screens!

Live Broadcast

The popularity of live video broadcasting has never been higher not only as a result of Covid-19, but because it is one of the most effective ways to keep audiences engaged.

The visual platform designed to transform your client experiences

rOOmZZ's delivers intuitive, intelligent tools for marketers and a flexible, extensible platform for developers so both teams can deliver exceptional client experiences that drive ROI and reduce total cost of ownership.

Analytics and Insights

Get rich data and smart insights with detailed analytics reports on key metrics and goals.

Personalization and Optimization

Create winning experiences by validating them with data and tailoring them to persona behavior.

Multichannel Management

Manage multisite, multilingual,cross-platform content. Deliver digital experiences across multiple channelsand devices.

Visual Communication Simplified

We know that visual communications is one of the most powerful mediums out there for engaging your end-user. Our platform allows you to create and enhance your user's experience with live, dynamic and personalized videos.

Fully Customizable

rOOmZZ admin panel gives users access
the administration part of their video conferencing platform

Schedule meetings
View and manager meetings
Manage your media library
Create your live streams

Powerful API's for further extensibility

Our core platform as all the basic video conferencing features so you can start today.

Audio and Video
Chat (Group and Private)
Screenshare and recording
Streamlined calendaring

Purpose Built
Vertical Market Platforms

The rOOmZZ software platform was built to work with other technologies and be customized for different types of businesses. It can be integrated into new or existing business processes to provide a good user experience that is easy to use from any device or location.


Lawyers and staff can join meetings, update documents and easily join from any device or location.


We provides a way for people to have confidential medical conversations using secure video telehealth platform.

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Still not sure?

Here are some other features you and your users will love.
Community Platform Integration

The future of community is now available to you. No need for multiple sites, just one place with all the features that matter most- engaging discussions, members & streams! Stream your events or chat live in real time using our platform built specifically designed by creators like yourself who understand what it takes make communities thrive

On the Fly Language Translator

With live transcriptions, we can include subtitles in meetings and create transcripts and automatically identify and redact personally identifiable information (PII) and personal health information (PHI) from transcripts.

Connect people around the world.

Interact with an engaged community on your own platform. Ideas are tossed around, members discuss topics that interest you the most - it's like having a living room inside of social media! Connections can be made through live chats or events hosted by other brands in town who want their voice heard too.

Move conferences, trade shows, and other events online.

Why go through the hassle of booking travel when you can host participants from all over?

With our live video streaming solution, attendees can watch keynote speeches and attend networking parties—just like they would in the physical world without jetlag or lag time.